Expert Advice

The Value Builder System TM is a statistically proven methodology for increasing the value of your company.


Businesses with a score 80+ can typically achieve offers that are 71% higher than average scoring businesses.

Achieve Your Best Year Ever in Business

When a Business Owner turns to a consultant for help, they want real experience. Not theory.

Business Owners need a consultant who has real-life experience with the rigours of running a business.

Quantum Leap Business Advisor’s are the experienced business professionals that you can depend on.


We have a straight forward and genuine approach to business improvement. 

Delivering Your Exit Plan

Moves Matter Ltd is part of the Business Partnership broker network which will provide you with wider exposure to get your business sold

We are also part of Business Partnership Corporate network. We help businesses with a turnover of over £10 and understand the complexities of this market.

Whether you need help to buy or sell a business our team of regional experts will enable you to make the right choices.


Collaborative Efforts

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