Is Procrastination Preventing Your Best Year Ever?

June 22, 2018


What is Procrastination?

At one point or another, we have all become victims of procrastination. However, if we fall into a continual cycle of procrastinating, its effects can have a dramatic impact on our business by preventing us Achieve our Best Year Ever.

There are many reasons for procrastination, it has nothing to do with being lazy or time management. A couple of reasons can be, self-doubt in our ability, perfectionism and I shall briefly focus on goal setting.

It all starts when we have a goal we want to achieve and, in our mind, commit to accomplishing it.  We are determined to achieve the goal but unfortunately the wheels fall off and it doesn’t happen, we come up with rational excuses that justify the goal failure.

Unrealistic Goals

Goal setting is an important process that can motivate us to achieve milestones on the journey of accomplishing our vision of a future state. When goals are set, we feel a sense of accomplishment when they are achieved, with many studies showing that properly set goals lead to increased performance.


Problems with goal setting occur when they are unrealistic. With goals too high, we can begin to feel that achievement will never be within our grasp and then begins the cycle of procrastination. It’s therefore important to remember that the goal is an end result and to ensure we remain motivated, it needs to be broken down into manageable objectives with set tasks. The completion of tasks provides frequent mini wins that lead to accomplishment of objectives (bigger wins) that are all aligned with the ultimate goal.

SMART Goal Setting

The process of SMART goals is a great way to begin your journey. A simple example of a SMART goal is “Lose 20 lbs in weight by December 31st 2018”

S – Specific: (What you want to achieve – lose 20lbs)

M – Measurable: (Quantify so you know if achieved – 20lbs lost).

A – Achievable: (With some stretch, can it be achieved? – approximately 1lb / week)

R – Relevant: (Is it aligned to your main vision? – I want to be healthier & fitter)

T – Timely: (When does it need to be achieved? – December 31st 2018)

With the SMART goal developed, it’s important to develop the list of things that need to happen so we can achieve our series of wins. Speaking from experience, I know the weight won’t just disappear!.

The objective would be: Lose 1lb / week and the tasks would be

  • Eat 2000 calories / day

  • Walk 10,000 steps / day

Therefore, to avoid procrastination and its power to prevent us achieving our Best Year Ever in Business, we must ensure we set realistic goals that have objectives and action plans developed that enable us to celebrate the mini victories.

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